If you are contemplating getting a hearing aid, you should first endeavor to find out more about the options you have. Most people tend to be worried regarding the efficiency and appearance of hearing aids. They tend to feel that a hearing aid would somehow mess with their appearance and make them look weird. In such a situation, finding out about the various styles of hearing aids available can ensure that you can select the one that suits your requirement. Before moving ahead, we feel it prudent to mention that hearing aids do not work to restore normal hearing. They improve hearing by amplifying the sounds which enable you to hear what you would normally have trouble hearing.

The options you have
We are going to mention some of the common hearing aid styles which are available in the market. The manufacturers of hearing aids have paid heed to the requirements of users who look to use something that would not generate too much attention. However, keep one thing in mind that a hearing aid which is too small might not be able to get you the results that you are looking for.

Completely-in-the-canal hearing aid
This is a hearing aid which is designed to fit inside your ear canal. It works well for the adults suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. It is the smallest option available on the market and is the one that would be least visible. However, it has some drawbacks. It makes use of very small batteries which do not have a long life, and handling it could be difficult. It is also not equipped with a lot of features.

In-the-canal hearing aid
This is a custom molded hearing aid that is designed to fit in the ear canal partly. It can improve mild to moderate hearing loss in adults. It is equipped with some extra features, but you might find it difficult to adjust these features due to the small size of the hearing aid.

In-the-ear hearing aid
This variant of hearing aid is available in two styles, one that fits most of your outer ear depression and another which fits the lower part of the outer ear. Both styles work well for those suffering from mild to severe hearing loss. These hearing aids have features such as volume control in them and are easier to handle. They also have a longer battery life, but they tend to be more visible.

Behind-the-ear hearing aid
This hearing aid is meant to be hooked over the top of your ear as it rests behind the ear. A tube connects the aid to a custom earpiece which is called an ear mold that fits in the ear canal. This type of hearing aid can be used by people of all ages. This is the largest type of hearing aid which provides you more amplification than all the other options.